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Customer Care

Hello Fabulous Folks of MYXIT Haircare! 🌈


Here at MYXIT, we're not just about hair; we're about the good hair days, the sassy hair flips, and the "I woke up like this" vibes. Our customer care policy is your backstage pass to a world of fabulousness, served with a side of quirk. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of hair love:


1. The MYXIT Support Squad: Your Mane Mates 24/7 🚀

Got a hair dilemma or just need a virtual hair hug? Our Support Squad is ready to chat, brainstorm, and sprinkle some hair magic whenever you need us. We're like your personal glam squad, but without the paparazzi (unless you want them, we're cool either way).


2. Return-o-Rama: If Your Hair's Not Happy, We're Not Happy 🙆‍♀️

Not vibing with your hair goodies? No drama llama here! Return them within 30 days, and we promise not to shed a tear. We want your hair to be as thrilled as we are about our products, so send them back, and let's find your perfect match.


3. Ship Happens: Turbocharged Hairmail Delivery 🚚💨

We know waiting for hair goodies is like waiting for your crush to text back—it's excruciating! Fear not, because our hairmail delivery is faster than a caffeine-fueled unicorn. Get ready to have your hair game leveled up at warp speed!


4. Oopsie Daisy Guarantee: We're Not Perfect, But We're Pretty Close 🌼

Did we goof up? Oopsie daisy! We might have been too excited about your hair happiness. Let us know, and we'll fix it faster than you can say "bad hair day turned good." We might even throw in some extra hair love for the inconvenience.


5. Quirk Alert: It's All About the Hair Shenanigans! 🎉

At MYXIT, we believe in the power of quirk. If it's not quirky, it's not us! Expect surprises, delights, and a dash of the unexpected because shopping for hair goodies should be as fun as a hair color roulette. Let's make every strand count!


So, lovelies, embrace your hair adventures with MYXIT, where every strand is a story waiting to be told. Happy MYX-ing! 💇‍♀️💖

Wholesale Inquiries

Hey Future Hair Wizards! ✨


So, you want to join the MYXIT Haircare party, huh? We knew you had impeccable taste! Welcome to the backstage of fabulousness where the magic (and great hair days) happen. Here's the lowdown on wholesale enquires with a touch of quirk:


1. Wholesale Wonderland: Because Big Hair Dreams Deserve Big Deals! 🌈

Thinking of spreading the MYXIT love far and wide? We're all in! Our wholesale deals are like a treasure chest of hair wonders waiting for you. Let's turn your shelves into a haircare carnival, shall we?


2. Mane-sive Discounts: More Glam, Less Spam! 💰

Wholesale with MYXIT means discounts that make your hair stand on end (in a good way). We believe in making your haircare dreams affordable because everyone deserves a shot at fabulousness, right?


3. Exclusive Goodies: Because You're Special, Darling! 🎁

Wholesale partners are like VIPs at MYXIT. Get ready for exclusive sneak peeks, limited-edition goodies, and maybe a surprise or two. We believe in making your wholesale experience as delightful as finding a unicorn in your backyard.


4. Customizable Awesomeness: Your Brand, Your Rules! 🎨

Want your own special touch on our already fantastic products? Let's talk customization! From labels to scents, we're here to make your wholesale experience as unique as your brand.


5. Quick 'n' Quirky Service: Because Waiting is So Last Season! 🚀

Our wholesale team is faster than a hairdryer on turbo mode. Expect quick responses, speedy deliveries, and a level of service that's as smooth as our hair serums. Your success is our success!


6. Quirk Alert: Let's Make Wholesale Whimsical! 🎉

At MYXIT, we believe in adding a sprinkle of quirk to everything we do. Wholesale is no exception. Expect surprises, fun collaborations, and a partnership that's more exciting than a hair color makeover!


Ready to embark on this hair adventure with MYXIT? Drop us a message, and let's make wholesale dreams come true. Get ready to MYX things up! 💇‍♂️🌟

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

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  • Offline Payments

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