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Lavender Dreams & Blooms Nourish  is a magical conditioner designed specifically for kids with hair types ranging from 3A to 3C. Immerse your child's hair in the enchanting essence of lavender, creating a dreamy and soothing experience during each use.

This gentle formula is crafted to nurture and nourish young tresses, leaving them soft, manageable, and infused with the calming fragrance of lavender. The natural goodness of lavender oil helps detangle knots while promoting a sense of relaxation, making haircare a delightful part of your child's routine.

Enriched with botanical ingredients, this conditioner combines the goodness of lavender oil, geranium oil, and aloe vera juice. Lavender oil's calming properties, paired with the soothing effects of geranium oil and the hydrating benefits of aloe vera juice, work together to create a nourishing blend that promotes healthy, happy hair.

Pamper your little one with "Lavender Dreams & Blooms Nourish" — a gentle and dreamy conditioner that transforms haircare into a magical ritual, leaving their tresses beautifully scented and lovingly cared for.

3a-3c-Lavender Dreams & Blooms Nourish

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